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The Story of LTI

We deliver the truth behind the hype. There’s a bewildering amount of travel advice online and in print – so what exactly is it that makes us different?

Independent and Honest

LTI doesn’t accept any advertising or sponsorship. This gives us the power to be honest – our members can rest assured that they are our first priority. Our research is independent and funded by subscriptions.

Detailed and Up-to-date

We forgo the elaborate prose and focus on delivering the hard facts, helping you to make more informed travel decisions. Because we are online-only, our content is constantly updated, making it extremely accurate.

Experienced and Professional

Our global network of highly experienced writers and researchers are some of the best in the industry. They have a meticulous eye for detail and are pros at delivering insider-style intelligence.


Membership is by invitation only and secures your access to all our intelligence on the finest destinations, researched in detail. Members also benefit from our personal relationships with many of the world’s luxury establishments – think of us as your well-informed friends.

“ Globally, no one else is providing such up to date comprehensive research of this quality for the luxury traveller... ”

Source: Financial Times

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